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Do-It-Yourself "Iron Pro Kit"
Enhance Your Home with a Beautiful Stair System!
A staircase in the entryway of your home can make a strong first impression.

Precision Stairs provides a cost – effective way for you to add impact, impression, value, and beauty to your home with the new Iron Pro Kit that is simple & easy to install. In our economy now more than ever homeowners are looking for ways to increase their homes value while minimizing the added cost. The addition of decorative Wrought Iron Balusters will transform your wooden baluster staircase into a beautiful work of art that provides an upgraded aesthetic visual appeal, and value by changing the wood balusters to decorative Wrought Iron Balusters.

Decorative wrought iron balusters are one of the top five upgrades requested in new homes. With many styles, patterns, and colors to choose from you can transform your ordinary staircase into a beautiful work of art with the new Iron Pro Kit that is simple & easy to install.

Some common design patterns:

-  Double Twist, Double Twist, Single Basket…
-  Single Twist, Single Twist, Double Basket…
-  Single Knuckle, Double Knuckle, Single Knuckle…
-  Wave, Wave, Wave…
-  Single Loose Twist, Double Loose Twist, Single Loose Twist…
-  Single Gothic, Double Gothic, Single Gothic…
-  Single Gothic, Single Gothic, Gothic Basket…
-  Single Feather, Double Feather, Single Feather…

Add Flair to Your Stair!

Steps to your new stair:

Obtain a free quote -
Knowing the number of balusters on your stairs, lengths of balusters, spacing center to center, having a digital photos are a big help.

Product Selection -
Visit www.precisionstairsystems.com to pick out a iron baluster style, and pattern using the “Interactive Stair Designer” or you can work with our designers.

Preparation -
While you try to limit the amount of minimal dust produced there may be some. Covering the steps, and furniture in the area of your stair with plastic would be recommended.

Tear Out -
Traditional (turned) wood balusters can either be twisted out of cut out to be removed from the stair. To twist the balusters out twist in a circular motion pushing upward then remove to the side pulling down. To cut the balusters out use either a sawzall or a jig saw with a wood cutting blade cutting the balusters in the middle then twist both the upper & lower pieces out to the side. For Contemporary (square) balusters cut them out using either a sawzall or a jig saw with a wood cutting blade cutting the balusters in the middle then pull both upper & lower pieces out to the side. 

Installation -
Mount the top shoe to existing baluster hole, cut the iron baluster to length using a metal cutting chop saw or portable band saw refer to text info & picture below, mount bottom bracket in existing baluster position, slide the iron baluster into the top shoe, slide bottom shoe up at the bottom of the iron baluster, and place iron baluster into the bottom bracket sliding the bottom shoe down to be tightened with a allen wrench. For installation procedure watch the Iron Pro video with step by step instructions.

Trimming Iron Baluster -                                                                                     
Trim each baluster from the bottom using a metal cutting chop saw with a 14" abrasive blade or a portable band cutting chop saw (Photo 2b) Be sure to seclude your work area outside as hot sparks from a metal cutting chop saw can damage nearbywindows, flooring, walls, etc.....

Clean Up -
Pull up plastic covering on all areas covered. Vacuum the stairs, and surrounding areas to remove any wood chips or debris.

Enjoy -
Invite friends, and family over for a relaxing stair warming party, and be proud of yourself for adding “Flair to Your Stair”!!!

Estimate Process
Free Estimate by Email:

Send us an email with the following Information

1. Photos of Existing Staircase -

-  Full view of the staircase downstairs steps (rakes), intermediate landings, midflight steps (rakes), and upstairs landings with different angles.
-  Show different angles of all areas. The more detailed the pictures are the easier it is for us to give you a accurate estimate for your stair
   system upgrade.

2. Product Selection –

-  Visit www.precisionstairssystems.com to pick out a baluster style, and pattern(s) from the “Interactive Stair Designer” or you can work with our
-  Select an Iron Baluster Finish desired.
-  Select a stair construction Knee Wall, Tread & Riser, or Curved Tread & Riser that matches your existing stair construction design.

3. Measurements & Quantity of Existing Baluster –

-  Length of each baluster at the steps (rakes), and the landings.
-  Spacing between the balusters center to center at the steps (rakes), and the landings.
-  Quantity of balusters at the steps (rakes), and landings.

4. Attach photos of existing staircase in an email. We need to get an accurate idea of your stair layout.

5. Once we receive all of the required information above, we will send you an estimate.

6.  When you are ready we can send your Do-It-Yourself “Iron Pro Kit”. See our Shipping & Payment Terms
     for information regarding shipping, and payment methods.

Shipping & Payment Terms

Place of Delivery: All Items shall be shipped to the address provided by the Buyer by delivery service.

Method of Tender: Buyer shall give notice to seller of at least 10 days prior to Buyers intended delivery date of the items.

Time of Payment: Buyer shall pay for the items before items are shipped (Cashiers Check or Pay Pal).

Payment Options: Payment for items shall be made in Cashiers Check made out to Precision Stairs or through Pay Pal.

Modifications: This agreement can be modified only in writing signed by both parties or their appointed authorized agent(s). No changes or additional work will be accepted once items are ready for shipment. All changes need to go through the office at least 48 Hours prior to sending shipment. Address any questions on the proposal or contract through Precisionstairsystems.com.

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