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Columns 101: How to choose the right column for your project

A)  The primary purpose of columns and posts has always been to hold up the roof; as architecture has progressed from simple
      to elegant, so has the design of columns posts. The choices are now wide ranging, allowing the column to be a personal
      reflection of the owner. Yet form still follows function: our columns are designed to be load-bearing, with the exception of
      the Turncraft Craftsman Series.

B)  Columns and posts all come in standard lengths. These may be trimmed to fit the actual field opening height

1. Tapered column shafts must always be trimmed from the bottom.
2. Post-Defense porch posts must always be trimmed from the top.

C)  Columns are typically shipped "whole". All columns may be used to wrap an existing load support (if the interior
       size is adequate).

1. Round columns, square Poly-Classic® FRP columns, DuraStone™ columns and DuraGlass columns may be factory split, or split in the field
     by the installer to use as wraps.
2. Craftsman Series columns ship KD (knocked down-four sides, field assembled) and do not require splitting.
3. Split columns (even when reassembled) are no longer load bearing.

D)  Columns must be painted, with the exception of DuraStone™ Columns.

E)  Exterior of interior:

1. All columns may be used for exterior of interior applications.
2. The best columns for exterior use are Poly-Classic®, since they are the most weather resistant, or Turncraft Architectural's Redwood or Red
     Cedar columns with their 10 year limited warranty.

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